| Introduction

Building schedules act as time limits and are acting as constraints in temperature settings by impeding zone-level operations by posing validations when there are new schedules being applied with deadbands, setbacks & desired temperatures on the zone level.

To curb this, Building Occupancy is introduced which provides the occupied time and unoccupied time for a building at a zone level. This helps the Facility Managers to set zone level limits for specific zones without having to worry about validations and limits across the system, mostly on the master controller level. 

Note: If the user is moving to the latest V2 scheduler, then the building schedule that was available for the existing site would be copied and created as a Temporary Building Named schedule in the new version. This is effectively a named schedule that would have all the user limits, deadbands, setback copied from the building tuners and made available with the above created temporary building named schedule.

| Accessing the Building Occupancy

  • Log in to Internal Portal
  • The Heatmap page is displayed.


  • Select the Building Occupancy from the dropdown.


  • The Building Occupancy is displayed.


| Editing & Deleting an Occupancy

The building occupancy displays occupied and unoccupied legends which are indicative of the building occupancy.


  • Click the Edit Occupancy option to edit the occupancy time slot. For more information on validations regarding building occupancy please refer to Scheduler Validations.


  • Hovering over the time slot displays the occupancy state (occupied or unoccupied) and time of the building.




  • The occupancy component displays an interval of 15 minutes for every time slot which is indicative of the occupancy component when the user drags the cursor to select a time slot.

15 minutes.png

  • The user can hover on the left or right edge of an occupied time slot and select the cursor to increase or decrease the time slots.

drag and drop.png


  • Click on an occupied time slot to display the delete option of a specific occupied time slot.


  • Click on Delete delets1.png to delete the occupied time slot.

delete message.png

  • The occupied time slot is deleted.




  • Multiple time slots ranging across multiple days can be created by holding the Shift+ Left Click button and dragging the cursor across the occupancy table.


  • Multiple time slots ranging across multiple days can be deleted by holding the Ctrl+ Left Click button.

Multiple Time Slots.png

  • Click on Delete delets1.png to delete the selected occupied time slots.



  • Click Delete to confirm and delete the occupancy for multiple time slots across multiple days.

When the occupied slots are extended for building occupancy, then the time tool tip will be displayed over the cursor tool tip for the occupied time slot.


| Extending or Trimming Time Slots

Multiple occupied time slots can be extended or trimmed by clicking Ctrl+Left Click and selecting the time slots and dragging the cursor for one timeslot. The changes are reflected in the rest of the selection.

  • Select the Time Slots to be edited.

step 1.png

  • Extend or trim the time slot for one of the time slots selected.

Step 2.png

The same changes are reflected in the rest of the selection.

Step 3.png

Note: The changes reflected will be similar to the change made in one selection in terms of similar time intervals. For example, if a time slot is extended or trimmed by 30 minutes, then a similar change of 30 minutes will be reflected for the rest of the slots.

| Partial & Complete Overlap

Occupied slots can be drawn over other occupied slots if all the slots are overlapped completely in the selection.

  • Drag the cursor to overlap the occupied time slots.

Step 24.png

The unoccupied slots are completely overlapped.

step 25.png.

On the contrary, partially drawing the cursor and overlapping over occupied time slots will result in an error pop up.

  • Drag the cursor partially to overlap the occupied time slots.partial.png

An error message is displayed.

partial 2.png

| For CCU & Portals

The building occupancy in CCU follows all the interactivity conditions as above.

  • Select the Building Occupancy from the Building TabGetImage (7).png
  • Click the Add button to add Building Occupancy

GetImage (7).png

Add the desired Start Time and End Time from the dropdown and the day/days of the week.

GetImage (8).png

  • Click Add to Add the Building Occupancy.

Note:  When a new site is registered via a new CCU, the occupancy is considered frm 00.00 to 24.00 all days of the week by default.

Note: The rest of the interactivity validations remain the same for the building occupancy across portals.





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