| Overview

A Zone Schedule is a combination of schedule duration and desired user limits for a particular zone in the building. On any particular day, a zone schedule, which includes the schedule duration and desired user limits, must always fall within limits that are set under the building occupancy. Once a zone schedule is set, the zone would start following the zone schedule- including zone level control equipment such as dampers and variable frequency drives- thus effectively reducing the load on the system level device (AHU/RTU) to a considerable extent.

| Accessing a Zone Schedule

  • Login to the Facilisight App

The Heatmap page is displayed.

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  • Access the Zone to which you would like to add the zone schedule.

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  • Click the Zone to access the widgets screen.

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  • Select the zone tab from the schedule screen to access the zone schedule.

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| Adding a Zone Schedule

  • Click on the edit icon.png icon to edit the zone schedule.

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Tapping on the unoccupied and occupied slots provide the existing parameters of the schedule.



The Zone Schedule screen is displayed.


  • Click Add to add a zone schedule.

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  • Use the start time and end time drop downs to select the duration of the schedule. (Default values are 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m respectively)
  • Select the day of the week.
  • Select the minimum cooling user limit and minimum heating user limit. (default heating values are 67F and 72F and cooling values are 72F and 77F respectively)
  • Select the maximum heating user limit and maximum cooling user limit from the dropdown.
  • Select the heating deadband and cooling deadband for the schedule from the dropdown. (default values are 2F and 2F respectively)
  • Use the Toggle button for the schedule to follow the building's user limits and deadbands if required.

Note: The scheduler interactivity is similar to building occupancy for apps and follows the same actions to add, edit or delete occupied or unoccupied slots. For more information on Building Occupancy, refer to Building Occupancy (App version)

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  • Click Save to confirm.

The Zone schedule is added and the same will be applied to the zone of the building.

| Editing a Zone Schedule

  • Click an existing zone schedule to edit.

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The Zone Schedule screen is displayed.

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Media (6).jpg

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  • Make the necessary changes and click Save.

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The Zone schedule is edited successfully.

| Deleting a Zone Schedule

  • Click an existing zone schedule to edit.

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  • Scroll down and click the delete icon.pngicon.

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A confirmation message is displayed.

Media (10).jpg

The zone schedule is deleted successfully.

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| Validations

For more information on Zone schedule validations refer to Scheduler Validations.




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