| Overview

A Special Schedule is a schedule that allows a Facility manager to introduce a schedule that is outside of a Building Occupancy. For example, a Facility manager would want to schedule the building on a Saturday for a small duration for which he would want the building's HVAC equipment to run. It further provides the flexibility to create a schedule that overrides a vacation that is created based on a holiday calendar for a year at any specific date which is an active nonholiday for the building.

A schedule like this on a Saturday or on any public holiday that is outside of the actual building schedule has been made possible with the Introduction of a Special Schedule.

The special schedule is a schedule that once added will bypass the zone schedule, named schedule, or any vacation for that zone for that specific time duration, acting as a kind of master schedule. This is quite similar to vacation which can override any schedule but in a reversible way.

| Creating a Special Schedule

From the Portals heatmap screen.

  • Access the Zones to which you would like to add the special schedule.

Special Schedule.png

  • Click the zone to access the widgets screen.




  • Scroll to locate the special schedule section. 


  • Click Add Special Schedule+
  • The Special Schedule screen is displayed.

Special Schedule-1.png

  • Enter a name for the special schedule.

Special Schedule-2.png

  • Use the slider and set the desired temperatures.

Note: The scheduler interactivity is similar to named schedule and follows the same actions to add edit or delete occupied or unoccupied slots. For more information on Named schedule, refer to Creating, Applying and Editing Named Schedules.

Test Scheduler-1.png

  • Use the start time and end time drop downs to select the duration of the schedule. (Default values are 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m respectively)
  • Use the calendar icon in the applies to field to select a date.
  • Select the minimum cooling user limit and minimum heating user limit. (default heating values are 67F and 72F and cooling values are 72F and 77F respectively)
  • Select the maximum heating user limit and maximum cooling user limit from the dropdown.
  • Select the heating deadband and cooling deadband for the schedule from the dropdown. (default values are 2F and 2F respectively)


  • Click Save to confirm.

The special schedule at the zone level is added and the same will be applied to the zone of the building.


Note: Similar user limits exist for zone special schedules and building special schedules.

| Special Schedule at Building Level

From the Facilisight portal,

  • Click the Buildings Buildings91.png icon to access the building schedules.

The Building Occupancy screen is displayed.


  • Select the Add Special Schedule+ option


The rest of the actions are similar to creating a special schedule at a zone level.

| Editing a Special Schedule

  • Click edit icon.pngto Edit a Special Schedule from the list.

Special Schedulex.png


  • The Edit Special Schedule Screen is displayed.

Edit Special Schedule.png

  • Make the required changes in the parameters and Click Save, post editing the schedule.

| Deleting a Special Schedule

A Special Schedule can be deleted by clicking the delete icon.pngicon from the schedule list.

Special Schedules.png

  • Click Confirm to delete the special schedule or Cancel to go back to the previous screen.

delete special scheduler.png

| Validations

For more information on Special schedule validations refer to Scheduler Validations.




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