| Overview

A Special Schedule is a schedule that allows a Facility manager to introduce a schedule that is outside of a Building Occupancy. For example, a Facility manager would want to schedule the building on a Saturday for a small duration for which he would want the building's HVAC equipment to run. It further provides the flexibility to create a schedule that overrides a vacation that is created based on a holiday calendar for a year at any specific date which is an active nonholiday for the building.

A schedule like this on a Saturday or on any public holiday that is outside of the actual building schedule has been made possible with the Introduction of a Special Schedule.

The special schedule is a schedule that once added will bypass the zone schedule, named schedule, or any vacation for that zone for that specific time duration, acting as a kind of master schedule. This is quite similar to vacation which can override any schedule but in a reversible way.

| Creating a Special Schedule

  • Log in to the Facilisight App
  • The Buildings page is displayed.

MicrosoftTeams-image (30).png

  • Select the Building from the list.

MicrosoftTeams-image (29).png

  • Select Building Occupancy from the List.


The Building Occupancy is displayed.

Media (12).jpg

  • Select Special Schedule + from the list

Media (12).jpg

The Special Schedule screen is displayed.

Media (13).jpg

Media (14).jpg

  • Enter a Name for the Special Schedule.
  • Use the start time and end time drop downs to select the duration of the schedule. (Default values are 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m respectively)
  • Select the day of the week.
  • Select the minimum cooling user limit and minimum heating user limit. (default heating values are 67F and 72F and cooling values are 72F and 77F respectively)
  • Select the maximum heating user limit and maximum cooling user limit from the dropdown.
  • Select the heating deadband and cooling deadband for the schedule from the dropdown. (default values are 2F and 2F respectively)



  • Click Save to save the special schedule.

Media (16).jpg

The Special Schedule is added successfully.

| Editing a Special Schedule

Click the edit icon.pngicon in the Special Schedule list.

Media (17).jpg

The Special Schedule screen is displayed.



  • Edit the Special Schedule as per requirement and Click Save

Media (18).jpg

The Special Schedule is updated successfully.

| Deleting a Special Schedule

  • Click the delete icon.png icon against a special schedule to delete the schedule.

Media (19).jpg

Media (20).jpg

The Special schedule is deleted.

| Validations

For more information on Special schedule validations refer to Scheduler Validations.




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