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| User and Building Limits

Objective - Use the 75f tuning options to maximize comfort and economy, as well as monitor and alert you to possible issues.

User Limits - A range of temperatures at which a user can set the desired setpoint. For instance, you might specify that the cooling setpoint can be set from 72 to 75, and the heating setpoint from 67 to 70. 

Building Limits - If the temperature in your space reaches a Building Limit, you can be alerted to a possible issue with your heating or cooling system.  For instance, if your setpoint in cooling is 75F, but the temperature gets above the 85F Building Limit, you can be alerted.  On the other hand, if your Building Limit on the cold side is 60F, and that limit is reached, you can also be alerted.  You can choose how you would like to be alerted by either text, email, or app pop-up, or any combination of those you prefer.




How to view/update from the tablet - At the tablet, click the Settings cog in the upper right. This should bring up several tabs across the top, so select Settings, and then Installer Operations along the left side. On the new screen, under the Building area, you will see a Temperature Limits section.  Clicking on that section, you will get an interface that allows you to adjust User and Building limits per your requirements, just using your finger to adjust.  Pressing Set will save your new settings.













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