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| Overview

A 'Vacation Schedule' is similar to building schedule, but unlike a building schedule its only comprised of a day/date range. During this period, your building HVAC recognizes that the needs required are not the same as during a building schedule, and the system operates in a setback (or unoccupied) mode, in which the desired temperatures are defined by a much larger range than in the scheduled duration (or setpoint mode).

| Accessing Vacation Schedule

Navigate to the Facilisight home page:

  • Select the site in scope.

The heat map screen below is displayed:

Heatmap Ref.png

  • Click 'Scheduling'

The Building Schedule screen is displayed with a 'Vacation Schedule' section.

| Setting a Vacation Schedule

To set a new entry for Vacation Schedule:

  • Click 'Add Vacation' next to the vacation.

The 'Add Vacation Schedule' window is displayed as shown below:

  • Enter a name for the vacation.

  • Select the date or a date range that the vacation will take place on:

  • Click 'Save' to confirm and create the vacation schedule for the building.

Note: You can also edit an exiting vacation by simply selecting the vacation you wish to change, and modifying the date or date range.

Once a Vacation is added for the building from the Facilisight, the same information gets relayed to all CCU's in your building.




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