| Central Control Unit (CCU) Navigation and Indicators

In this article we're going to identify on the screen indicators and navigation of the CCU.


| What is a CCU?

We have a tablet and a control mote (CM). Combined they makeup the CCU. 


| Physical Buttons and Ports

A. Power Button.            D. Headset Jack.           G. USB Port

B. Volume Button           E. Micro USB.                 H. Charging Port 

C. MIC.                            F. HDMI                           I. SD Card Slot

Note: Only the Micro USB and Charging Ports are utilized at this time.

The Micro USB and charging cable should be connected at all times when tablet is mounted to the CM.


IMG_0305_copy.jpg IMG_0307_copy.jpg


| Screen Indicators

Swiping downward from the upper left or right corners of the tablet screen you will find tablet specific icons and a notification bar. Starting from left to right are tablet specific indicators.

1. Current Time & Date-Self Explanatory

2. User Mode Icon-Shows Primary User. Can also be used to set guest and additional user accounts. 

3. Additional Settings Icon- Used to access additional tablet settings

4. Display Brightness Level Adjustment-Used to change the level of brightness on the display

5. Wifi Network Icon- Shows current network connection and signal strength (Grayed out icon = no network connection)

6. Battery Level Icon- Shows current battery charge level. 

7. Do Not Disturb Icon- Turns Off Notifications (Do Not Enable)

8. Display Mode-(Function does not work tablet display permanently set in landscape mode)

9. Bluetooth Icon-Turns Bluetooth Radio ON/OFF (Setting needs to be ON) 

10. Airplane Mode Icon-Disables WiFi Radio (Do Not Enable)

11. Location Services Icon-Used for the geofencing feature of the CCU. 

12. Cloud Connection Notification-Explained Below 

13. MKT Logger Notification- Explained Below



In the upper left corner of the tablet screen the cloud connection icon and USB trident should be present at all times.

12. Cloud Connection Icon- Upon connecting the tablet to Wifi a data connection will be established to the cloud for transmission of collected data from Smart Devices via the CCU to the cloud. A blue cloud indicates data is being transmitted from the CCU to the cloud. A yellow cloud indicates no data is being transmitted from the CCU to the cloud. (Quick Tip: If you see a yellow cloud icon check the usb cable and verify WiFi connection)   

13. MKT Logger Icon- MTK Logger is an application responsible for mobile, network, system logs and modem log. Provides the ability to use all the logs in one user interface.(Runs by default)

14. USB Symbol (USB Trident) - Is another very important indicator.  (Fun Fact:The term USB trident was said to be modeled to mimic the trident of Neptune, the mighty Dreizack). This icon indicates a USB connected between the tablet and the control mote (CM or base). You will also have a ''CM Connection Status Online'' notification if connected properly.


| Navigation Buttons

At bottom center of the screen there are three permanent onscreen buttons used for navigation.  

15. The Back or Previous Screen Button 

16. The Home Button

17. Recent Apps Button



| Navigating the Application

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the CCU let's talk about basic navigation of the application. 


1. Floor(s) Icon- Selecting this icon will show your floor or a list of floors if there were multiple floors. 


2. Dashboard-(Not in current version)

3. Zones-Selecting this tab is where you can view a list of paired zones.



4. System-Selecting this tab shows the CCU profile, occupancy status, and equipment status You can also adjust the comfort slider, set min/max indoor humidity, change the unit mode Off/Auto/Cool Only/Heat Only. There are also two features that can be turned on Compensate for Humidity and Demand response mode. 


5. Building-Selecting this tab where you can edit the building schedule and create vacation schedules (Note the little pencil icon represents an editable field)



6. Alerts-Selecting this tab will show you a list of active alerts.



7. Setup Icon- This icon is selected during the installation and commissioning process by the installer. 



8. Floor Layout-Selecting this tab is where you would navigate to add floors, zones, and pair the smart devices. (Note: You can also change the configuration of your zones or smart devices by clicking on the pairing address) 



9. Settings-Selecting this tab is where you would navigate to (A) view account information, register CCU, (B) enable passwords, (C) view network connections, (D) set pairing address, enable OA lockout, set building temp limits, (E) select equipment profile, (F) view temporary overrides, (G) view CCU information check for updates, backup and restore CCU.



10 Tuners-Selecting this tab is where you would navigate to adjust parameters for the building, equipment, floors, zones, and modules.


If you have any questions please reach out to our support team @ 888-612-7575 or Email Us at






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