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| Overview

In the 75F® system, a CCU can be replaced with another CCU, where all the configurations in the older CCU, are restored in the CCU that was used for the replacement. The restoration includes all the terminal profiles paired to the CCU and all the schedules applied at the zone and building levels in the new CCU. With this feature, the user will save time and effort to reconfigure the details in a new CCU. 

This activity extracts all the information from the CCU and imports it into the new CCU used as a replacement.

The activity is carried out using a building passcode that is either generated from another CCU in the building or from the Internal portal.

You can use this feature to replace any faulty or broken CCU in a building.

| Requirements

The replacement CCU and the original CCU must be on the same software version for the replacement process to be allowed.

The original CCU must be offline for at least 15 minutes for the replacement process to be allowed. This can be done by shutting it down using the power button or disconnecting it from the local network.

| Procedure

From the New CCU home screen.

  • Click CCU


The select install type screen is displayed.

  • Click Replace Existing CCU option.


The Connect to Wi-Fi screen is displayed.

  • Click Next.


Once the device is connected to the Wi-Fi network, the CCU will detect the current version and the recommended golden version and display both of these as well as the download size of the recommended apk.

CCU 00.png

  • Click the Update App prompt to update the version to the latest golden version of the CCU.

Add CCU1.png

The progress bar along with the download size for the version to be updated is displayed.

Add CCU 2.png

If there is any connectivity issues with device network (in terms of loss of internet), it is displayed as an alert on the progress bar.

CCU new.png


Once the progress bar is filled, the update is complete with a toast message

Add CCU 3.png


The Replace Existing CCU screen is displayed, with the instruction to enter the Building Passcode, and about from where the same can be generated from.


Note: The "Building Passcode" can be generated from another CCU in the Building or the Internal Portal.

| Generating Building Passcode from Existing CCU

From the CCU Zones page.

  • Click the mceclip0.png settings icon.


The Floor layout screen is displayed.

  • Click Settings option.


The CCU details screen is displayed, with the site and other details.


Click the question mark mceclip5.png icon. 

The screen for generating the building pass code in displayed

  • Click the arrow mceclip0.png icon next to Generate Passcode.


The Building Passcode generation window is displayed.


The table below explains the fields in the screen.

Field  Description
Passcode You can see the generated passcode.

You can use this option to get a fresh passcode.


Email ID

You can enter an email ID where you can email the Passcode to


You can see the validity detail of the Passcode generated.

You can enter the passcode into the Add CCU to Existing Site screen as below or get the passcode to the email.

  • Enter the email ID to get the passcode over email, and click OK


Email sent message is displayed.


You receive the passcode email as below.


| Visualizing the Generated Passcode from Internal Portal for the Site

From the Internal portal home page.

  • Click the Menu mceclip6.png icon.
  • Select Buildings.



The buildings screen is displayed with the list of building available.

  • Locate the building or the site for which CCU needs to be replaced.
  • Click the building to view the building level details.



The Passcode generated via the CCU is displayed for reference under the building. 

As done in CCU.

You can copy or note the passcode to enter into the Replace Existing CCU screen as below. You also have a refresh icon, an option to refresh the generated passcode to a new one.

| Generating Passcode from Internal Portal for the Site

If the building passcode is not generated from the CCU, the same can be generated from the Internal portal.

From the buildings screen in the internal portal.

  • Locate the building or the site for which CCU needs to be replaced.
  • Click the building to view the building level details.
  • Click the Generate Passcode option under the building details.


Building passcode generation window pops up.


As done in CCU.

You can copy or note the passcode to enter into the Add CCU to Existing Site screen as below. You also have a refresh icon which is an option to refresh the generated pass code to new one.

Or you can get the passcode to the email as below.

  • Enter the email ID
  • Click Send.


The building passcode shared successfully message in displayed.


You receive the passcode email as below.


| Replacing an Existing CCU

  • Enter the generated building passcode generated into the Replace Existing CCU screen.


  • Click Next to validate the passcode.

The building passcode is verified, and the list of CCUs registered under the site is displayed.

  • Select the CCU you wish to replace.


The confirmation pop-up is displayed.

  • Click Yes to confirm the replacement.


The replacement process starts, with the site details syncing, and syncing the CCU details.


The progress window displays the sync updates.

You can pause or cancel using the options provided and go back to the main screen.


The CCU sync completes with a success message


and the zones for the replaced CCU are restored as below.


| Replacement Failure/ Interruption Handling

The CCU replacement process can be interrupted at times. This can be due to loss of internet connectivity, loss of power, and various other reasons, in the field.

For such kinds of interruptions, the CCU is provisioned with a reattempt strategy to reattempt the replacement process.

The user can resume, pause, or cancel the process.

Replacement Process Resume

The replacement process resumes from where it was when the user moves away or closes and reopens the CCU application, as below.

Once the CCU application is reopened the following screen displays.


And the replacement process resumes where it was stopped.


Replacement Process Pause

The replacement process can be paused and resumed using the options provided, as shown below.


Replacement Process Reattempt

The CCU is provided with the capability to reattempt the replacement process, from where it was interrupted as below.

The reattempt triggers as soon as the CCU loses internet connectivity, as below.


Reattempt 2 is triggered if reattempt 1 is unsuccessful (no internet connectivity still)


And resumes as soon as the CCU is connected back to the internet.

The CCU is programmed to trigger unlimited retry attempts, as shown below.








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