For damper testing from the CCU you must have the CCU connected to its docking station for damper testing to work. Without a connection to the docking station the CCU will have no way to transmit or receive messages from the terminal zones. Damper testing can be achieved by performing the following steps:


Step 1. Go to commissioning by selecting the setup icon in the upper right corner of the screen.


Step 2.  Select the zone damper you want to test from the zones list.



Step 3. Tap on the pairing address of the selected zone to edit the profile settings for that zone.


As you can see you can adjust the damper Min/Max Heating and Cooling positions for testing. It may take up to 2 minutes but you will see the damper move to the desired position. 



You can also change the damper position from the SmartNode. To do this:

- Click the right button until the Outputs screen

- Click down to the desired output

- Click right to highlight the output signal

- Click up or down to change the value to the desired output



*Note - Damper 1 and Damper 2 are for 75F Smart Dampers (also termed MAT dampers) and would be plugged into the RJ45 ports on the left of the SmartNode. All other modulating damper actuators should be connected to the analog outputs bottom left of the SmartNode. For non modulating actuators they should be connected to Relay 1 or Relay 2 bottom right of the SmartNode (As shown below).






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