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Tablet will not charge


USB trident will not appear

Check for 24VAC at R and C terminals.

Check that there is a Red, Green, and Orange LED indicator illuminated on the CM board. 

Cannot register CCU or edit building information

Check for Wi-Fi connection

If the CCU app restarts during registration (75F logo will flash), it may be necessary to change screens briefly and return before pairing will work.

During registration, it is occasionally necessary to return to the “Get Started” screen before the “register” button will work. Tap the left arrow, and then select “Get Started” again. Information you have already entered will be saved.

CCU calls for heat/cool/fan but controlled unit does not respond

Under Setup -> Settings -> HVAC Equipment, ensure that the proper stages have been selected.

Ensure that the selected conditioning mode is not preventing the desired action.

When in Auto Mode, average current temperature must be greater than two degrees different than setpoint to change from HEAT to COOL, or from COOL to HEAT. The differential may be greater, depending on the Economy/Comfort slider and the Auto Mode Changeover Multiplier tuner.

Check that jumpers are in place next to the terminal blocks of the affected equipment. If none of the equipment is running on a call, check the jumper labeled “R Connect” located along the bottom of the CM between the capacitors and the relays.

No Connection to Cloud!

Check for Wi-Fi connectivity. It may be necessary to contact the IT department to confirm access to some networks.




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