| Overview

The Comparison tool in Site Manager is used to compare equips that are instantiated in a site against each other, or to compare Domain Model definitions against each other or any combination. This tool is used to find discrepancies between any two equips or models. This makes it possible to identify changes made during instantiation or to troubleshoot any possible point migration errors that occur from time to time. 

| How Comparisons Work

The logic for comparison is relatively simplistic. For the points in any model or equip to line up as matching, they must have the exact same definition. A definition means the same set of tags on each point. The values of a key-value pair don't have to be the same, but the two points must have the same key-value tag. 

For example, let's take the damper position point for two DAB equips. You can see that they line up with each other even though the group tag has a different value for each point.



| Comparing Equips 

Step 1: 

To compare any two equips on a site, you simply hold Ctrl and select the equips you wish to compare. Once selected the option to compare equips will be displayed.



Note: If you accidentally select other entity types (floors, points, schedules, etc) Then you must press Escape key to clear your selections. 

Step 2: 

Select the Comparison option from the option bar.


Step 3:

Select the two models in the on-deck header that you wish to compare. Your first selection will show up in the left column. Your second selection will show up in the right column. Once an equip is selected it will turn an orange color.


Step 4: 

View the comparison. When you see a point on one side and '--' on the other side of the same row, it means that there is no point matching the same definition. Below is an example of two identical equips with a few points expanded. 


| Comparing Models and Equips

Step 5: Select the Add Models



Step 6: Select the Models you wish to Compare

To do this you will need to know what model you are looking for. Search for the model(s) you wish to compare from any namespace within Domain Modeler, and select them. Once models are selected the green check mark will appear to the left and the model name will appear in the on-deck section of the compare tool. 


Step 7: Compare any combination of model or equip that you wish. 

Below is an example of comparing the DAB zone model with a DAB zone equip. See that the model highlights in red, and the equip from the site in orange. In the example see that multiple points do not have the same definitions. 

Note: If two models or equips are already selected, you must unselect one before selecting another. 







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