| Overview

Using Site Manager you are able to edit existing entities (Floors, Zones, Equips, Points) that were created using Site Manager. You are not currently able to edit entities created by a CCU. By editing you will be able to: 

  • Edit Names
  • Edit Point properties
  • Add/ Delete points from equips
  • Add/ Delete Tags (can not edit root tags)

One of the primary benefits to being able to edit points and equips on an actual site is that you can make edits without affecting your historical data. Be aware, if you change the 'Kind' of point, your data may be affected. 

| Editing a Name

To edit the name of a floor or equip. You simply click the edit icon next to the entity you wish to change the name of. If no edit icon appears next to the entity you wish to edit, that means it was created by the CCU and is not able to be edited.



| Editing Points

Start by selecting the equip from the site tree that you wish to edit point(s) for. You may select a parent or child equip to edit point properties.


Editing Point Properties

What is a point property? A point property is essentially a key-value tag that defines the properties of the points kind. So lets take an example point of supplyAirTempSensorPoint. This point is typically a numeric kind with properties of minVal, maxVal, and increment. In this case the point. If you wish to edit the minVal, you will be editing the point property to do so. 

This same pricipal applies to an enum type point, but instead of editing the minVal, you will be editing what the numeric enums represent. 

1. Proceed until you get to the Points modal. On the points modal you will see contextual point property fields that are editable.


2. Make your desired edits and press Update. You may choose proceed if there are further edits to children equips you wish to make. To edit a child equip after Proceeding, just click the green check mark next to the child equip you with to edit. 


Adding a Point

If the model you used does not contain all of the points your equip has, you may add points from the Domain Modeler to an already instantiated equip. 

1. Proceed until you get to the Points modal. On the points modal you will see contextual point property fields that are editable.


2. Choose the point from Domain Modeler you wish to add. If you don't know what point specifically you wish to add, use your best intuition to find the most basic version of the point you wish to add. Say you want to add a point like 'refrigerant hot gas temperature' but can't find an identical point, use the most basic form of your point and then edit. In your case, you would choose a tempSensorPoint and then edit the tags as shown below. 

Note: Each time you press the '+' you will add another point. So if you only mean to add a single tempSensorPoint, only press the '+' one time. Otherwise you will have to delete to duplicate additions. 


Adding Tags to a Point

You are able to add new tags to existing equip points.

1. From the points modal, expand the point you wish to edit and press the '+' icon to select tags to add. Continuing our example, I would want to add tags: refrig, and a non haystack tag: hotgas


2. Search for tags already in the data base. You will find refrig already exists. Press te "+' next to it and it will be added to the point in question. 


3. You will find that hotgas  does not exist as a tag in our data base. To add this tag you will need to press '+ Create Tag'. Give the tag a name, and choose the type of tag. If you choose a tag type that requires a value, you will be required to input that value prior to updating your equip. 


Deleting Tags

You may delete any tags that are not part of the root def of the point. You may NOT delete tags that are part of the root Def of the point. You can think of the root Def of the point as what defines the thingness of that kind of point. 

Note: Only the points that you can delete will show in orange as shown below. 


Deleting Point

You may delete any point of an equip if it is no longer needed for your use case. To do this, simply press the trash can icon next to the point(s) you wish to delete. Press update when you are sure of your changes. Press Proceed if you have more edits to make. 





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