| Overview 

Using Site Manager, you may add floors directly from the portal with no CCU needed. To do this, select the site you wish to add a floor to and Add a Floor. If a CCU adds the same floor, the two floors will be one and any zones and equips created by Site Manager will show up with the zones and equips created by the CCU on the same floor. 

| Add a Floor

Step 1: Select the site you wish to add a floor to. 

Step 2: Select the Add Floor button


Step 3: Name the Floor and Submit


Now the added floor is available on the site and can be used by a CCU or Site Manager for adding zones and equips to. 

| Editing or Deleting a Floor

To edit or delete a floor, you will see that an edit icon and a trash can icon are now available for the newly added floor. 

Note: You will only be able to edit or delete floors that are not associated with a CCU. If a floor is being used by a CCU, you can not edit or delete that floor from Site Manager. 






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