| Overview 

Using Site Manager you can add zones to a site directly through the portal without using a CCU. You are able to add zones to floors that were created by either a CCU or by Site Manager. If a CCU deletes a floor that contains zones created by Site Manager, not to worry, the CCU will only delete zones and equips that were added by that CCU and the zones and equips created by Site Manager and floor will remain intact in your data base. 

| Adding a Zone

Step 1: Select the site you wish to add a zone to. 

Step 2: Hover over the floor you wish to add a zone to so that the contextual '+' icon appears to the left of the floor. Choose Add Zone 


Step 3: Name the zone and Submit


Your new zone is now displayed under the floor you added it to. 


| Editing or Deleting a Zone

You are able to edit or delete zones that were created by Site Manager. You will see that an edite and delete icon are displayed in the action column for any zone created by Site Manager.

Note: you will not be able to edit or delete zones created by a CCU for the same site.





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