| Overview 

Using Site Manager you are able to add any rootDef (Domain Model) or modelDef (External Model) from the Domain Modeler directly to your site without using a CCU. Once you've created an equip on a site from a template, all the points will be instantiated with two tags that can be used by any 3rd party API user to recognize the points as writable. 


createdByApplication = SiteManager


| Adding an Equip

Step 1: Hover over the zone you wish to add an equip to so that the '+' icon shows up to the left of the zone. Click add equip


Step 2: Search for and select the equip you wish to add. You are only able to select equips from the Domain Model or External Model namespaces. 


Step 3: Name the equip


Step 4: Define Parent Equip tags. 


Step 5: Define all parent equip points. 

You are allowed to rename or change any root properties for any point. 


Step 6: Choose any child equips to edit. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for Child Equips

If there is a green check mark like below, it means that the template has defined all parameters. This does not mean the points are defined the way you wish for them to be defined, so it is typically worth a second look. If you have a red X you will not be allowed to submit because some parameters for the child equip are not defined. All points and equips must be fully defined before you can add an equip. 



| View the Equips and Points

From here, you have fully defined a template and instantiated the entire entity on your site with all relevant spacial/ equip references. Your next step will be to use the points you have just created using an API connector to start populating historical data and using the 75F analytics tools.






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