Using a 75F Edge 10, a low pressure steam regulating valve can be controlled in the form of a simple configurable controller.  The Edge 10 will come pre-programmed for a true plug-and-play experience and without the need to self-program or accessing the wire sheets on the Edge 10.  We will also provide parameters for system tuning on the CCU so direct access to the Edge 10 is not required.  All points will be viewed and configurable on the CCU and through Facilisight.


  • This solution does not require an internet connection to the Edge 10, only to the CCU.
  • The system will control the following:
    • One modulating steam regulator valve actuator

System Points List:

Hardwired Inputs:

  • External System Enable
  • Outdoor Air Temperature
  • Entering Steam Pressure
  • Leaving Steam Pressure
  • Actuator Feedback

Analog Outputs:

  • Regulating Valve Command


  • Leaving Steam Pressure
  • PID Loop Tuning for Steam Valve
    • Proportional
    • Integral
    • Derivative
    • Bias
    • Minimum Output
    • Maximum Output
    • Ramp Time (Minutes)
  • Outdoor Air Temp Enable (May use external 24v enable or internal OAT enable sequence, but not both)
  • Steam Pressure Latching Alarm
  • Steam Pressure Alarm Manual Reset


Low Pressure Steam Valve Edge 10 Model (1).png



Basic Boiler Control CCU.png








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