Using a 75F Edge 10, a steam heat exchanger can be controlled in the form of a simple configurable controller.  The Edge 10 will come pre-programmed for a true plug-and-play experience and without the need to self-program.  We will also provide parameters for PID loop tuning on the CCU so access to the wire sheets and point configuration is not needed.


  • This solution does not require an internet connection to the Edge 10, only to the CCU.
  • The solution controls two modulating valves (1/3 valve and 2/3 valve) based on supply water temperature.
  • The controller does not include pump control.  See the following application note:
  • Heat Exchanger controller provides a digital output to enable the pump system.
  • The Heat Exchanger system requires a pump status or flow switch (configurable) in a digital signal.
  • System will be enabled on an adjustable outdoor air temp setpoint.
  • Supply water temperature setpoint is reset based on Outdoor Air Temp.
  • Requires a 2-10 vdc actuator for both valves.

VFD Points List:

Hardwired Inputs:

  • Supply Water Temp
  • Return Water Temp
  • Outdoor Air Temp
  • Loop Flow
  • Pump Status

Digital Outputs:

  • Pump System Enable

Analog Outputs:

  • 1/3 Valve Position Command
  • 2/3 Valve Position Command

Integrated Inputs

  • Outdoor Air Temp System Enable Setpoint
  • Supply Water Temp Alarm
  • Supply Water Temp System Lockout
  • Supply Water Temp System Lockout Reset
  • Loop Flow or Pump Status Enable Selection
  • Loop Flow/Pump Status System Enable Delay
  • Supply Water Temp Setpoint Reset Min/Max
  • Outdoor Air Temp Setpoint Reset Min/Max
  • PID Loop Tuning for Valves
    • Proportional
    • Integral
    • Derivative
    • Bias
    • Minimum Output
    • Maximum Output
    • Ramp Time (Minutes)


Hot Water Mixing Valve Edge 10-Model2.png




Basic Boiler Control CCU.png






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