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75F is a provider of building management automation systems, with a set of products and a platform. The building management automation in the HVAC space will never be the same with the use of 75F products and platforms. With its intelligence-embedded algorithms and controlled conditioning capabilities, based on preset configurations taking outside temperature conditions into account, the 75F products and platform stands out amongst the building management system provider in the HVAC space.

| Building Management System (BMS) Automation

The 75F uses a portfolio of devices and applications to monitor, control and signal HVAC equipment in the buildings. The devices range from sensors, controllers, actuators, nodal devices, and stats to a central control unit (CCU). It uses sensors to sense various parameters in the building such as Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, CO2, VOC, etc. The sensors are either external and can be mounted at different locations in a building or internally embedded within the nodal devices or stats. The sensors, controllers, actuators, nodal devices, and central control units (CCUs).  which are connected and placed in the building, communicates to the cloud-hosted application, and contribute to the BMS for the HVAC space.


| Software Driven Hardware

The central control unit (CCU) is the most important component of the 75F BMS. The CCU decides the type of control and signal stats, or nodal devices perform, and it aggregates the information from all the sensors, stats, and nodal devices into the cloud-based application for reference. The type of control and signal is based on the profile selected in the CCU, and the profiles are based on the main HVAC equipment used and the type of conditioning required in the building. Hence the name software-driven hardware for the products of 75F.

The profiles can be of two types based on the HVAC equipment being controlled and the type of conditioning required by the building.

  • System Level Profile- Controlling a system level HVAC equipment to provide the required conditioning (AHUs, RTUs, etc.)
  • Module Level Profile- Controlling a module or zone-level HVAC equipment to provide the required conditioning (Fan coil units, Heat pump units, etc.).



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