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We are integrating a chat interface into Facilisight that doesn't just converse, but can actually take actions and build widgets to help you analyze data based on your conversation. We have broken this out into 3 primary types of prompts that the AI picks up on. Below are examples of prompts in each category. But you are by no means limited to the prompts shown here. Saffron has access to the whole sites data set so feel free to elaborate on the prompts below and send us your feedback! 

| Explore

First, you can explore your site and the current conditions in it. Poke around and find out what you need to hone in on.

  • What are the current CCU versions?
  • Are my CCUs online?
  • What's the weather in my building?
  • How many floors/rooms/equips in the building?

This allows you to ask questions about your building's data:

  • Plot a graph of the zone current temps
  • Plot the IAQ as a bar chart
  • Plot the current temps as a line chart

Saffron only supports a limited set of measurements today:

  1. current zone temps
  2. IAQ
  3. discharge air temps

We continue to add measurements based on usage and feedback. Only line charts and bar charts are supported today.


Integrated Help Desk

All 75F Support content is now available via AI Chat. You can now ask general 75F support-related questions such as:

  • "What is a DAB profile?"
  • "What's the difference between DAB and VAV?"
  • "What's the difference between a named scheduled and a special schedule?"
  • "Help! Why isn't my RTH pairing?"
  • "What is the recommended CO2 threshold per ASHRAE Guidelines?"

Saffron AI will cite all its sources, and include the most relevant articles it could find.


AI Recommendations

Saffron now supports Summary-Tables and Heatmap Filters. The AI recommends the best visualization for your requirement based on how other users have interacted with them in the past. The more these visualizations are used, the more likely they are to be recommended in the future.

Example Usage

  • "Show me the occupancy"

The AI infers that the best visualization for this task is our built-in Heatmap Filter that generates occupancy details for each zone:

  • "Show me a VAV summary"

In this case, the AI infers that the best visualization is a Summary Table that has been created by our team for this exact purpose.

In some scenarios, a simple command may be too vague, so you can direct the AI:

  • "Show me a heatmap of RSSI"
  • "Show me IAQ as an overlay"

Whiteboard to Dashboard

You can now upload your sketch onto the Chat UI and generate a dashboard from it. Simply click on the attachment icon and upload an image. We currently support Summary Tables and Dynamic Charts. This is useful if you're not very familiar with our extensive dashboarding tools and just need a quick dashboard containing analytics for your building



Transferring to a live agent

Users can request to be connected to a live human agent anytime during the conversation. Saffron integrates with Zendesk to provide a unified UI that allows a user to switch between an AI agent and a live agent.

  • "I want to talk to a live agent"

Language Preferences

Users have the ability to update their language preferences by simply asking Saffron:

  • Please use Spanish from now on
  • I prefer talking in Hindi

| Act

Next, it's likely you'll want to perform actions on your building. You can simply ask Saffron AI to do things for you without having to navigate through Facilisight tools.



Set desired heating and/or cooling temps for zones:

  • Set the heating temp to 72F for 1hr for all zones
  • Set the cooling temp to 74F for 2hrs for the "Office"
  • Increase the heating by 1 degree for 2hours for all zones
  • Decrease the heating by 2 degrees for 1hr for the "Office"

Set special schedules the zone-level:

  • There's a meeting at the "Office" from 3pm-5pm today. Can you set the heating to 71F? the building-level

  • There's a special building event from all day tomorrow. Can you set the heating to 72F?

Set vacation schedules the zone-level:

  • The "Office" is under construction tomorrow. Shut off the HVAC. the building-level:

  • The building is closed for Christmas from 24th-26th. Can you shut off the building?

Alert Configuration

Subscribe to alerts:

  • Subscribe to all high severity alerts
  • Subscribe to all medium severity alerts for the "Office"

Unsubscribe from alerts:

  • Unsubscribe me from all low severity alerts for 2 days
  • Unsubscribe me from all medium severity alerts at the "Office" until eod

Building Management

  • Generate building passcode

| Analyze

Third, we expect you may want to visualize the data. Saffron can help you with some visualizations as well. 

Prompts based on latest data:

  • What are the latest zone current-temps?
  • Show me the latest discharge-air temps
  • Show me the latest IAQ / CO2 levels
  • Which zones had current-temps greater than 75F?
  • Which zone had CO2 levels greater than 500ppm?

Prompts based on historical data:

  • What were the highest/lowest/avg zone current-temps today?

Zone Fault Detection and Diagnostics (Preview)

We have added a zone diagnostic agent that can investigate your zone's issues by looking at its past behavior and alerts.

The agent can diagnose the following faults:

  1. Damper or Reheat equip is likely damaged
  2. Zone balancing issue
  3. Bad sensor
  4. Disconnected air duct
  5. Damper is shut and will not open
  6. Not adequate conditioning, the unit may be undersized
  7. Damaged AHU
  8. Terminal equipment is likely damaged
  9. Damper or Reheat equip is likely damaged

To trigger the FDD agent, simply ask:

  • Why is "Office" room hot?
  • Why is the "Warehouse" cold?

| Feedback

Users can submit feedback on AI responses:

Use the 'Got more feedback?' option to provide more detailed feedback:

Saffron is still in its early stages, and your feedback is critical as it allows us to fine-tune and tweak our algorithms so we can provide the most relevant and accurate responses for your queries


Additional notes: 

  • You can phrase the above questions any way you like, as long as they are unambiguous
  • Naming the AI: users can give the agent a name, and provide a name the user prefers to be called
  • Text-to-speech: users can use the sound icon at the top of the chat window for speech synthesis
  • Speech-to-text: users can user the mic button in the input text box for speech recognition
  • Multi-lingual (auto-detecting speech language is currently not supported)


For more information on the Facilisight AI chat bot please refer to Facilisight AI Chat Bot.






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