What is Project Haystack?

Project Haystack is an open-source initiative to make IoT data easier to work with. Using a standardized syntax, more commonly referred to as a data tagging model, to make points accessible across platforms and protocols. 

Think about it this way. If you asked 5 people to create their own language, they are all going to create a unique language and it is going to be very difficult to translate from one language to the next. If instead you got those 5 people together and said create a single language you will get one cohesive language that each person can explain and interpret. That is a lot like what Project Haystack is doing for HVAC and IoT.

So what are the tags and how do I interpret them? 

If you see the link below to the project haystack website, there is a list of tags with descriptors for each.


Tagging Hierarchy 


Haystack Sample Building

Haystack Tags List

Haystack Query Filter Reference

Haystack defines a 17-level priority array modeled after BACnet (with an extra level for default)

  • Level 1: highest priority reserved for emergency overrides
  • Level 8: manual override with the ability to set the timer to expire back to auto
  • Default (level 17): implicitly acts as level 17 for relinquishing default

75F has built upon this priority array for user intent (e.g., desired temperature)

  • Level 2: Self-Serve Analytics Portal
  • Level 4: Forced Occupied [From CCU]
  • Level 9: User/Occupant App
  • Level 10: Facilisight



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