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| Portfolio Analytics Manager

75F® Portfolio Analytics Manager or PAM allows you to create dashboards with different types of predefined and custom visualizations. You can use these dashboards to view energy consumption details across the buildings of the portfolio for a specific time period. You can create widgets (charts and graphs) for better understanding of the configured energy mappings of the buildings and to monitor the savings in energy consumption. You can observe system behavior using trend charts along with energy consumption on the various dashboards.

Note: The scope of the visualizations and dashboards are only the sites that are in the Facilisight, the sites assigned to you as a facility manager.

| Dashboards

You can get analytics and visualizations from dashboards to monitor energy usage and trends across buildings.

With dashboards, you can:

  • Monitor energy and trends with add/copy/duplicate/delete dashboards functionalities. 
  • Configure and use predefined/custom widgets for monitoring energy.
  • Customize visualization with various editable configurations.
  • Move or copy visualizations between dashboards.
  • Create hybrid dashboards with various kinds of visualizations. 
  • Share dashboards with others with the same role in the same organization.
  • Download reports of various graphs. 
  • View all previously set configurations of any dashboard and visualizations. 
  • View different queries that is used by the system for retrieving data based on the setting. 
  • Switch between widget types. 

For more information, click here.

| Predefined Visualizations

You can add the following predefined widgets for monitoring data:

  • Trend Chart 
  • Terrain Chart 
  • Saving Scorecard
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction
  • Portfolio Energy Usage 
  • Site Comparison  
  • Average Demand 
  • Energy Usage Map 

For more information, see Predefined Visualizations in Portfolio Analytics Manager

| Custom Visualizations

You can add the following custom widgets for monitoring data:

  • Line Chart 
  • Area Chart 
  • Donut Chart
  • Pie Chart 
  • Horizontal Bar Chart 
  • Vertical Bar Chart 
  • Line + Donut Chart 
  • Horizontal + Donut chart 
  • Vertical + Donut Chart 
  • Heatmap

For more information, see Custom Visualizations in Portfolio Analytics Manager




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