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75F offers a remote temperature monitoring solution that can be implemented to monitor coolers and freezers used for food storage. In addition to monitoring temperatures remotely, current transformers can be added to monitor compressor status and amperage.  



In some cases, cooler/freezer temperatures are never recorded. Often especially in the food service industry, these temperatures are manually recorded, which requires a person to be onsite.  

There are several advantages of remote temperature monitoring on coolers and freezers utilizing an IoT-based platform.

  • Unexpected loss and costly damage to the product are prevented through the use of proactive and custom alerts of high-risk conditions.
  • Eliminates the need for manually recording temperatures. In addition, system reports are easily generated and exported for compliance and audits.
  • Remotely access system to monitor, assess and troubleshoot alerts without having to be on site.
  •  The risk of losing product is reduced due to out-of-range cooler and freezer temperatures.
  • Using a traditional BAS system would require complex wiring, point discovery, trend log, and alert configuration. 



 Remote monitoring of a cooler/freezer can be implemented easily with 75F. The components needed to accomplish this task are a Central Control Unit (CCU), HyperStat, 10k Type 2 glycol sensor(s), and current transformer(s) CT. The glycol sensor(s) and CT(s) are connected to the HyperStat. The HyperStat is then paired to the CCU, which receives the HyperStat sensor data over 900mhz mesh. The data is then aggregated by the CCU and pushed to the cloud, where it can be viewed on Facilisight.


Why glycol sensors? 

  • Glycol has a low freezing point and acts as a buffer which results in more accurate temperature measurements. 
  • The use of glycol sensors also prevents inaccurate measurements and false alarms during rapid temperature fluctuations, such as the opening of a cooler/freezer door. 

Why current transformers?

  • A current transformer does not have to be installed but is highly recommended because it gives insight into the cooler/freezer, whereby compressor operation and cooler/freezer temperatures can be correlated.
  • The use of a CT also helps in determining if a compressor is operating within manufacture design specifications or if failure is imminent.  


The figures below show the HyperStat physical connections and configuration menu screen during the pairing process,


The following options are available from the drop-down menu. For this application note, we want to monitor a cooler and freezer simultaneously. We want to select 10k Type 2 probes for both TH1 and TH2. We'll call TH1 freezer temperature and TH2 cooler temperature. Analog Input 1 is our freezer compressor and our CT is configured for 0-50A. Analog Input 2 is our cooler compressor and our CT is also configured for CT 0-50A.





Once all the configurations are set see the predefined widgets in the screenshots below.




    • Cost-effective temperature monitoring solution for hotels, food storage facilities, fast food chains, and restaurants.
    • Custom alerts and analytics can be created for the site.
    • Downloadable system operation data with the click of a button.
    • No need for custom programming configuration is simple. 
    • Monitoring of cooler/freezer temperatures is easily implemented with an end-to-end 75F solution.

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