Current Standard Solution:

75F offers a temperature/humidity monitoring solution that can be easily installed to monitor temperature/RH% in electrical closets,  IT closets, and server rooms. In addition to monitoring temperature and humidity, we can monitor and alarm on several other points such as air quality monitoring PM 2.5  as dirty air can highly impact server room equipment.  Also, sound dB could also be used as an alert trigger if there's a higher-than-expected noise level, flagging potential failing equipment which makes this solution fully customizable.  



In some buildings there may not be a system in place to monitor temperature/humidity in areas with sensitive electrical equipment such as electrical closets, IT closets, and server rooms.  



Using a HyperStat with up to two 10k Type 2 sensors and two current transformers we've designed a monitoring solution that monitors temperature and humidity with high accuracy and reliability. In addition, we use the 10K Type 2 sensors to monitor supply and return airflow temperatures and the current transformers for fan status, compressor status, or overall unit consumption. There are automated adjustable alarm triggers built into this solution so there is no complex custom programming involved. The points shown below are part of our standard alerts which are customizable.


Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 4.39.50 PM (3).png


  • Cost-effective temperature/humidity monitoring solution for electrical closets,  IT closets, and server rooms that can trigger alarms in time to save vital equipment.
  • Access your data anywhere you have a connection to view graphs and monitor in real-time
  • Download current and historical data on your laptop, desktop, or smart device with the click of a button.
  • No need for custom programming configuration is simple. 
  • Monitoring of electrical closets,  IT closets, and server rooms is easily implemented with an end-to-end 75F customizable solution.



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