Current Standard Solution:

75F offers the ability to monitor a domestic hot water boiler and circulation pump using a HyperStat. 


Opportunity :

There are cases where a facility manager or building owner wants remote visibility of the domestic hot water system at their onsite.  



Using a HyperStat to monitor a domestic hot water system is simple. The components needed to accomplish this task are a Central Control Unit (CCU), HyperStat, 10k Type 2 strap-on pipe sensors, and current transformer (CT). An additional CT can be used for electric boilers to monitor energy consumption. The strap-on pipe sensors are installed on the supply and return pipes on the boiler.  The current transformer (CT) is installed around one of the leads connected to the pump motor. This is used to measure pump motor amperage and status. If using this application with an electric boiler, the additional CT is installed around one of the leads on the load side of the power disconnect. The current transformer does not have to be installed but it can give valuable insight into the energy consumption of the electric boiler. The HyperStat is then paired to the CCU, which receives the HyperStat sensor data over 900mhz mesh. Please refer to the application drawing and callout detail below.




 For this application, We want to select 10k Type 2 probes for both TH1 and TH2. We'll call TH1 supply water temperature and TH2 return water temperature. Analog Input 1 is our circulation pump status and Analog Input 2 is boiler status if this application is used with an electric boiler. 


Note: Verify and set the correct amperage measurement range for the current transformer (CT) selectable 0-10A, 0-20A, and 0-50A. This selection should be based on the information found on the manufacturer's data plate.

The figures below show the configuration menu screen during the pairing process.





Once all the configurations are set see the predefined and custom widgets in the screenshots below.


Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 8.40.23 AM (2).png


Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 8.41.17 AM (2).png



    • Cost-effective temperature monitoring solution for domestic hot water systems.
    • Custom alerts and analytics can be created specifically for the hot water system in the building.
    • Downloadable system operation data with the click of a button.
    • No need for custom programming configuration is simple. 
    • Monitoring of a domestic hot water system is easily implemented with an end-to-end 75F solution.

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