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Demand Response Compliance

Demand Response compliance is a feature introduced in the 75F system, which enables 75F CCUs to balance the demand on the power grid by encouraging them to shift electricity demand to times when demand on the electric grid is lesser.​

This feature empowers 75F users to actively participate in Demand Response (DR) events, offering both automated DR and manual control capabilities based on user preferences, thereby enhancing flexibility and efficiency in managing energy consumption.


Standalone CCU Operation

The Standalone CCU operation mode is an enhancement added to the 75F system. With this, the CCU can operate in a standalone mode without an internet connection, able to monitor and control equipment at terminal and system levels.

The CCU standalone operation mode is a whole new concept built within the 75F ecosystem where the system works just like the online mode but without the need for remote monitoring and control cloud connection on portals & apps.


Bypass Damper as a System Device

A Bypass Damper is an additional damper used in the zones, to relieve the excess pressure on a single-stage fan. A SmartNode is used to control the damper, and a differential pressure sensor is used to provide the inputs for the control outputs. The Generic PI loop under the profiles of 75F BMS provides the control sequences for the setup.

A bypass damper is added as a System Device similar to the OAO, similar to how OAO operates in conjunction with the system.


| New & Updated Docs

Damper Position & Zone Priority Driven Trim and Respond Requests

HyperStat Split CPU+ Economizer Sequence of Operations

Bypass Damper as System Device

Demand Response Compliance

Standalone CCU Operation

| Versions

CCU 2.4.13
Internal Portal 2.189.0
Facilisight Portal 2.198.0
Facilisight App 2.0.59
Occupant App 2.0.56



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