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Alert Builder

Alert Builder combined with Blockly enables users to easily build a wide range of alerts with varying levels of complexity. Further, the alerts can run on CCU without Internet access, meeting the Title 24 mandates.

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Equip Graphics for Terminal Profiles

The equipment graphic provides a graphical representation of terminal-level equipment and enables monitoring of key point parameters associated with different terminal profiles.

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Custom Parameters (Point Summary) Common Framework with Blockly

Ability to add a summary of points in the widgets screen at both system and zone level,  along with Blockly to help with calculations of the values of the points summarized for visualization.

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Site Sequencer (Save & Share Custom Blocks)

Similar to the other aspects of the 75F system (Summary Tables, Custom Heatmap Filter), the sequencer also supports the concept of sharing a good sequence created by one user to another as a value addition. The same can be accessed from the Custom Block option.



Minimum Fan Run Time Post Conditioning

In HyperStat  CPU and HyperStat Split CPU + EconomizerH,  A tuner parameter Minfanruntimepostconditioning is introduced, as below. This tuner defines the period for which the Last known analog out fan speed needs to be run after the conditioning is turned off.

Minimum Outside Damper Positions for Different Fan Speeds

HyperStat Split CPU + Economizer, & OAO system profile will have minimum damper positions during different stages of fan speeds, recirculation & conditioning as additional configurable parameters.

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Pre-purge Sequence

HyperStat Split CPU + Economizer will have the pre-purge sequence as a configurable option.



Analog Out During Recirculate

As part of the Title 24 Compliance  HyperStat CPU & HyperStat Split CPU + Economizer will have an Analog Out during recirculation as an additional configurable parameter for analog-based fan speeds. 



Generic Fault Detection 

HyperStat Split CPU + Economizer will Generic Fault detection as inputs under the Universal Input drop-down.





Relay Activation Hysteresis Factored for Reheat Stage in VAV Terminal Profiles

The Reheat stages in the VAV terminal profiles now have the relay activation hysteresis factored in for its operation, as below:

Reheat Stages ON OFF
Reheat Stage 1 (reheatLoopOutput) > 0% relayActivationHysteresis. (reheatLoopOutput) = 0% 
Reheat Stage 2 (ReheatLoopOutput) > 50% relayActivationHysteresis. (reheatLoopOutput) <= 50% 


Importance Multiplier as Zone Priority

The Importance multiplier is the concept of Guideline 36 that scales the number of requests the zone/system generates. A zero value causes the requests from that zone or system to be ignored.

A value greater than one can be used to effectively increase the number of requests from the zone/system based on the critical nature of the spaces served.

The Importance Multiplier is the Zone Priority in the 75F system, the priority plays its role on scaling requests generated through the damper position (%)

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Airflow CFM Setpoint & DAT Visualization in TrueCFM VAV & DAB

As a part of the adoption of visualizing information related the Airflow when CFM enabled. At the portals end of the system, the following are made available:

In the VAV & DAB terminal profiles, the user can track the airflow CFM setpoint in real-time against the actual CFM read from the DPS.

Also, In the VAV Terminal profile, the user can track effective DAT/DAT (Discharge Air Temperature setpoint against the CFM setpoint utilized by the airflow loop when the CFM is engaged. This is done by the logical points created in the CCU which can now be tracked on the portal using the widget.


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Minimum Fan Speed for Fan Enabled

When the Fan Enabled is configured alongside the AnalogOut-based Staged fan speeds, or relay-based fan speeds on other relays.

The Analog Out minimum Fan, or the relay for minimum Fan speed is turned ON even when the fan loop output is <10% without considering the relay activation hysteresis.

| New & Updated Docs

Site Sequencer​

VAV w/Reheat (No Fan) - HelioNode​

VAV w/ Reheat (No Fan)​

VAV w/Reheat (Series Fan) - HelioNode​

VAV w/ Reheat (Series Fan)​

VAV w/ Reheat (Parallel Fan)​

VAV w/Reheat (Parallel Fan) - HelioNode​

True CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) VAV​

True CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) DAB​

Damper Position & Zone Priority Driven Trim and Respond Requests​

HyperStat Heat Pump Unit- Sequence of Operations

HyperStat CPU Sequence of Operations

HyperStat Split CPU+ Economizer Sequence of Operations

HyperStat 2 Pipe Fan Coil Unit- Sequence of Operation

| Versions

Software Releases
CCU 2.10.2
Internal Portal 2.251.0
Facilisight Portal 2.242.0
Facilisight App 2.0.63
Facilisight App ( Airoverse) 2.0.65
Firmware/ Hardware Releases
HyperStat v1 1.26
HyperStat v2 100.12
HyperSense 1.26
HyperStat Split 100.12



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