| Important Enhancements & Fixes

Reviewer - User Management Hayloft

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The reviewer serves as a checkpoint to review the tags, points, and models created/modified by the creators. This is to ensure the creation of consistent and high-quality tags, points, and models.

Domain Modeler to CCU Integration for VAV Profiles

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This integration ensures automatic subscription to all changes made in Hayloft, with tags and points created directly in Hayloft. Consequently, CCU no longer needs to create tags or points when a new profile is paired.

Generic Fault Options for HyperStat Profiles

The HyperStat CPU, 2PFCU & HPU profile can now support options, N/O & N/C Generic Fault Detection from the thermistor inputs.

Widget to track PrePurge

The pre-purge sequence in the HyperStat Split CPU + Economizer is now supported with a zone-level widget in the portals.


| New & Updated Docs

Domain Modeler to CCU Integration

User Management – Domain Modeler

HyperStat Conventional Package Unit (CPU)

HyperStat 2 Pipe Fan Coil Unit (2PFCU)

HyperStat Heat Pump Unit (HPU)

HyperStat Heat Pump Unit- Sequence of Operations

HyperStat CPU Sequence of Operations

HyperStat Split CPU+ Economizer Sequence of Operations

HyperStat 2 Pipe Fan Coil Unit- Sequence of Operation

SmartNode DAB Terminal Profile Sequence of Operation

| Software Release Versions

Latest Version
CCU 2.11.7 and above
Internal Portal 2.290.0
Facilisight Portal 2.286.0
Facilisight App 2.0.72


| Firmware/Hardware Feature Availability Versions

Firmware/ Hardware
Feature Availability Versions



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