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Active Chilled Beam+ Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) for Helionode & Smartnode

Active Chilled Beams (ACB) is a terminal-level equipment that uses the chilled water supply from the chiller and the air from an AHU to condition the space. Active Chilled Beam+ Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) is a terminal profile under the VAV system profile using HelioNode & Smartnode. The HelioNode & Smartnode in CCU-connected mode/ the fail-safe mode provides the necessary controls to support the operation of the Active Chilled Beam equipment.



Mode Change Hysterisis

Equipment short cycling is one of the biggest challenges the 75F system has tried to address in all its ventures. It has already located such points during a system operation and has mitigated them by placing hysteresis-based checks.The introduction of the modeChangeHysteresis tuner parameter addresses the above issue.With this, the short cycling during the conditioning or mode switching of the system-level equipment is taken care of.

When the system is in heating/off, the changeover to cooling triggers only when weightedAverageCoolingLoadMA > modeChangeHysteresis.
Similarly, when the system is cooling, a change over to heating triggers when 
weightedAverageCoolingLoadMA drops to 0 & > 0

DAB External AHU Controller

DAB External AHU Controller is a system-level profile in the 75F system. The profile is used with an external AHU (BACnet/Modbus-based). The control of these complex external devices can not only be based on zone load but also would require control triggers based on the Supply Air Temperature (SAT) & Duct Static Pressure (DSP) alongside the zone load-based control.


Heatmap Filters with Blockly

With Blockly, users can define calculated parameters by selecting and combining predefined point parameters or variables from the Heatmap filter using a query mechanism. Moreover, Blockly would provide a visual interface where users can drag and drop blocks to construct formulas without the need for any coding knowledge. Heatmap filters with blockly enabled helps the user to build formulas on top of the loop conditions such as calculating the delta between sensor points and setpoints, calculating chiller tonnage, etc.

Edit Filter - Step3.png

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Heatmap Filters with Blockly

DAB External AHU Controller

Site Sequencer

HelioNode- Active Chilled Beam+ Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS)

SmartNode- Active Chilled Beam+ Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS)

Mode Change Hysteresis

| Versions

CCU 2.6.3
Internal Portal 2.191.0
Facilisight Portal 2.173.0
Facilisight App 2.0.56
Occupant App 2.0.56





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