| Important Enhancements & Fixes

KV Tags for Summary tables

The KV tag feature allows users to add equip/device/schedule/building entity, plot KV tag values for all entities, and update the KV value of string type tags in a summary table.


Bulk Update & Analysis Tool

The Update & Analysis tool performs a comprehensive assessment by conducting version checks, safe mode evaluations, and connectivity checks. The results of the analysis are appended with timestamps, indicating when the analysis was triggered.


Facilisight Chat Bot UI

The 75F Facilisight App UI provides support for 75F app users to address any queries related to building operating conditions, perform a mundane set of actions on site-specific parameters, and visualize the analyzed parameters over a selected period across different time zones and schedules. 


SmartNode- Active Chilled Beam+ Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS)

Active Chilled Beams (ACB) is a terminal-level equipment that uses the chilled water supply from the chiller and the air from an AHU to condition the space. Active Chilled Beam+ Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) is a terminal profile under the VAV system profile using SmartNode.


Proxy Settings for CCU

Commands over ADB have to be run on the CCU tablet to configure proxy settings for ethernet for the routing to be established. This would hold the proxy configuration settings onto the tablet post restart, and it need not be done via adb every time the tablet is rebooted.


| New and Updated Docs

Multi-Sensor- Installation & Initial Setup

CM Board Configurations and Settings

Building Occupancy

Creating, Applying, and Editing Named Schedules

Creating, Applying, and Editing Special Schedules

Editing and Applying Zone Schedules

KV Tags for Summary Tables

Bulk Update & Analysis Tool

Building Management

Existing Sites Migration to Scheduler V2

Forced Recalibration of MultiSensor CO2 Sensor

Facilisight Chat Bot UI – 75F Renatus

SmartNode- Active Chilled Beam+ Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS)

Daisy Chaining Capabilities of Sensors

Proxy Settings for CCU

Connecting and Configuring the CCU to Ethernet LAN

| Versions

CCU 2.2.14
Internal Portal 2.117.0
Facilisight Portal 2.103.0
Facilisight App 2.0.17



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