| Important Enhancements & Fixes

Standalone CCU: Offline Operation

The Standalone CCU operation mode is an enhancement added to the 75F system. With this, the CCU can operate in a standalone mode without an internet connection, able to monitor and control equipment at terminal and system levels.



Summary Table: Calculated Parameters with Blockly

Summary tables with blockly enabled helps the user to build formulas on top of the loop conditions such as calculating the delta between sensor points and setpoints, calculating chiller tonnage, etc. With Blockly, users can define calculated parameters by selecting and combining predefined point parameters or variables from the summary table using a query mechanism.


Common Data Ownership

The primary CCU or the first registered CCU no longer holds the common data created for the building. The data created is common for all the CCUs in the building and changes made to the points of the building, such as replacing modifications in the common data, replacing CCU, or deleting the CCUs, the changes are synchronized throughout the building in all the CCUs.

Security/Password Management in CCU

The article dives deep into the Password setting for various edit rights in the CCU in detail. The 75F system with its 5 levels of data security, is a secure ecosystem for customer data. It also provides additional levels of security on its edge devices. From setting a pin-based lock on its HyperStat to setting password-protected edit rights on the CCU.


Alternate/ Manual Pairing for SmartNode

If the Bluetooth connectivity fails for some reason, the user cannot pair an edge device to the CCU, unless the process is restarted. To address such pairing failed scenarios, the 75F system introduces a new paradigm the alternate pairing which is otherwise called the manual pairing. This lets the user pair the edge device even when the Bluetooth connectivity fails, without restarting the process again.




| New and Updated Docs

Daisy Chaining Capabilities of Sensors

Summary Table - Common Framework

Proxy Settings for CCU

Standalone CCU Operation

HyperStat PIN Lock

User Management- Facilisight

Summary Table: Calculated parameters with Blockly

User Management- Internal

HyperStat as Modbus Server

Common Data Ownership

Mechanical Lockouts for Cooling & Heating in OAO

Alternate/ Manual Pairing for SmartNode

| Versions

CCU 2.2.20
Internal Portal 2.139.0
Facilisight Portal 2.131.0
Facilisight App 2.0.18



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